Chemical Engineering  Department

H.B.T.I. Kanpur, a pioneer institute in the country, was established in the year 1920-21 to provide manpower training, technical know how and applied research support to a large number of chemical and allied industries taking shapes during that period in the country, particularly in its northern zone. For about 35 years, since its inception, HBTI provided all kinds of supports to almost all chemical and allied industries so effectively that it was the first choice for any problem of chemical engineering or applied chemistry. A number of reputed technical institutes today, like IIT Kanpur, NSI, GCTI, Leather, Rubber, Glass etc. were either parts of this institute or were started in its building with all types of support and guidance during their earlier periods.

Because of the proven expertise of H.B.T.I. in the area of chemical and allied industries, as advised by a visiting committee of AICTE, Chemical Engineering Department was formed and Chemical Engineering Education was formalized in the institute in 1954 with two new courses for awarding undergraduate degrees of AHBTI and FHBTI. Thereafter in 1958, two full-fledged undergraduate courses were started leading to degrees in Chemical Engineering after four years study and in Chemical Technology after three years study. The Chemical Engineering Department was made responsible to teach and guide fundamental principles of Chemical Engineering and their applications to the entire students of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology and later on to Leather Technology as well.

The Department has built up a comprehensive research infrastructure with top-notch facilities for carrying cutting-edge teaching and research. Constant efforts are being made to maintain and enhance the high standards of this department to be ranked always as one of the best in India. The Department strives to provide its students with facilities and environment that are conducive for creative and dynamic work.

This department has run several research programs in Technology, Engineering and Basic Sciences, of which some were sponsored by institutions like U.G.C, C.S.I.R, D.S.T. (NEW DELHI) B.A.R.C. (BOMBAY) I.C.A.R. (NEW DELHI), U.P.C.S.T (LUCKNOW) M.H.R.D. (NEW DELHI), C.I.D.A (CANADA). The faculty has extensively contributed by writing books and publishing good number of research papers in national and international journals of repute. The department has organized a number of National and International seminars, workshops, and Short courses.


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