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Dr. B.K. Mishra

Mechanical Engineering,
Harcourt Butler Technological Institute,
Nawabganj, Kanpur (U.P.) - 21


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Present Assignment : Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Harcourt Butler Technological Institute,
Kanpur (U.P.)
Area of Interest :

CAD,  Geometric modelling


Professional Experience:

HBTI Kanpur       

 Professor                      Since Aug. 2001           Continuing

Assistant Professor       Aug 93             Aug 2001

Sr. Lecturer                  Jan 86              Aug 93

Lecturer                       Dec 77             Jan 86


 Research Assistant        Jan 74  -   July 74


S S O II                      Sept 74  -  Jan 76


Selected Publications :

1.        P.K. Basuray, B.K. Misra and G.K. Lal, "Transition From Ploughing to Cutting During Machining With Blunt Tools", Wear, Vol. 43, 1977, pp 341-349.

 2.         S.G. Dhande, B.K. Misra and K.P. Karunakaran, "Symbolic, Computational and Graphics Modeling of Machining Processes", Proceedings of Q.I.P. Winter School on A.M.T., Dec 1991, I I T, Kanpur.

 3.         B.K. Misra, B.S.S. Pradhan and S.G. Dhande, "Computational Conjugate Geometry of Flexible Generating             Curves", Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Engineering Computer Graphics and Descriptive             Geometry, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, 17-21 August, 1992.

 4.         K. Singh, D.C. Saxena, B.K. Misra and P.N. Maheshwari, "Effect of Moist-heat Treatment on Milling of Arhar",             Third International Food Convention, 1993, CFTRI, Mysore.

 5.         S.G. Dhande, K.P. Karunakaran and B.K. Misra, Geometric Modeling of Manufacturing Processes Using Symbolic             and Computational Conjugate Geometry", Trans. of ASME, Jr. of Engineering for Industry, Aug 1995, Vol 117,     pp 288-296. 

6.         B.K. Misra, S.J. Pande and B. Sahay, Authored 'A Course Module on Programming in AutoLISP for  Designing (for working professionals)', 1996  under Continuing Education  Centre sponsored by AICTE.

 7.         P.M. Pandey, and B.K. Misra, 'Finite Element Analysis of  IC Engine Piston and Connecting Rod using ANSYS' -             International Conference of CAD, CAM, Automation, Robotics and Factories of  Future, Jamia Millia, New Delhi    1996.

 8.         P.M. Pandey, and B.K. Misra, 'A Scheme for Statistical Simulation of  Experimental Data, National Conference of Vijnana Parishad of India, HBTI Kanpur, 24-26 Oct ' 1997.

 9.         A.P. Srivastava, B.K. Misra and S.J. Pande, “3-D Modelling and Analysis of Elastomeric Components”. Paper presented at  National Seminar on Recent Development of Polymers. Polycon-2002, HBTI, Kanpur, August 16-17, 2002.


Research Interest:

CAD, Geometric modeling, Manufacturing Science


Thesis Supervised: M.Tech. 07



Sponsored Projects : 01 (DRDO)


Administrative Responsibilities:

Headed Various committees from time to time in HBTI Kanpur

Presently working as Head Mechanical Engg. Deptt.


Courses Offered to HBTI:

CAD, Optimization, Robotics, Machine design

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