Harcourt Butler Technological Institute has always been a paragon and a source of inspiration in the field of science and technology, since 1921. It has maintained its conspicuous presence in the technical world. H.B.T.I. has a history of realization, fulfillment of necessities and advancement in the field of science and technology. It is dedicated for the cause of rapid industrial development, creating a healthy environment for applied researches and above all to carve out men and women, having a truly rational and scientific demeanor. 'Attitude' is the watchword - taking care of which the personality of every harcourtian is moulded. Its roots are as deep as its outlook. "Government Research Institute, Cawnpore" was established in 1920, which was renamed as "Government Technological Institute" in 1921. Finally in 1926 it got the name by which we know it today "Harcourt Butler Technological Institute".

          The institute is spread across two campuses, the east campus (77 acres) and the west campus (271 acres) situated about 3 km apart, affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow. The institute runs 13 undergraduate programmes leading to B. Tech degree. The undergraduate programmes in Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Computer Science Engineering and Chemical Technology (Biochemical Engineering, Food, Oil and Paints and Plastic Technology) of the institute has been accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (N.B.A). Besides it has active research programmes being carried out in various disciplines. Recognizing its competence in delivering to enhance technical horizons ‘Dataquest’ in the edition of May 2005 has designated it as 21st best technical institute of the country and the leading institute among 8 government funded institutes of U. P Technical University, Lucknow.

          The institute has received aid of 24.78 crore rupees from the World Bank for various developmental projects. This aid will be spent for:

  • Development of the Infrastructure.

  • New Laboratory equipments.

  • Maintenance and repair of old laboratory equipments.

  • Funding for research and lectures attended by faculty in foreign universities.

  • Aim towards community development and over all growth.

          The faculty has contributed 350 research papers and 80 presentations in Indian as well as International journals. Besides,49 R&D Schemes sponsored by D.S.T, U.G.C, I.C.A.R, D.R.D.O.,U.P.C.S.T., C.SI.R., D.A.E., I.C.M.R.,D.O.E. and Ministry of Civil supplies have been successfully completed. All these accomplishments definitely prove it to be a fecund ground for nurturing intellects.

  • Academics      

    • Under Graduatate

    • Post Graduate

      • M.Tech.

      • M.C.A.

  • Facilities

    • Hostels

    • Library

    • Banking and Postal Facilities

    • Medical Facility

    • General Computing Facilities

    • Guest House

    • Sports Facilities

 About Harcourtians

Being a harcourtian has its origin in spirits which is much deeper than any physical manifestation. It is the difference in attitude, imaginative horizons, intellect, sensitivities and overall personality determining our existence. Being a harcourtian is not onlya pleasure we enjoy, but it entails with it a deep sense of responsibility which only a harcourtian can understand.

      We not only speak, but believe in incarnation of the ever increasing member of constructive thoughts seeding in our minds. We know that success is not achieved in one day and some real perseverance is demanded for achieving something definitive. We know that any job is not meager and give better than our best for anything that comes in our way.

Words speak but actions prove. A harcourtian is today a brand in the industry.Our name is associated with every contemporary large organization one can think of.Our alumni has met to the expectations of their organizations which is manifested by ever increasing number of campus visits by industries from every field of engineering and technology.

     The way we want to live entails a sense of discipline which is not a new to a harcourtian. 'Attitude' is what makes difference between a harcourtian and someone else. Behind every successful man, there are a lot of unsuccessful years is true in life(leave apart exceptions) and we are mould in an attitude to endure those unsuccessful years with courage.

    'Proud to be a harcourtian' is the voice echoing in the depths of every harcourtian and he will keep the name his institute to the best of his efforts. This fidelity is not only for his alma mater, but also for his working organization as he feels same sense of belonging for his organization.

    'Dreams do come true in life' is the vision with which we are entering the corporate world. And now it's the time we give our hundred percent plus a bit extra to make that cherished dream come true to life.